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SRK Consulting

  • 2200-1066 West Hastings St
  • Vancouver BC V6E 3X2
2200-1066 West Hastings St, Vancouver BC V6E 3X2
(604) 681-4196
(604) 687-5532
SRK Consulting is an independent, international consulting practice serving mainly mining industry clients. SRK offers services from exploration through feasibility and production to mine closure. Formed in 1974, SRK now employs more than 1,400 professionals in over 45 offices. Example services include due diligence studies, engineering studies (scoping, pre-feasibility and feasibility), mine waste management, permitting and mine closure. Recent clients include major and medium-sized mining companies, exploration companies, banks and government departments.

More Information

  • Audits: Environmental
  • Audits: Ore Reserve
  • Consultants: Mine Ventalation
  • Engineers (Consulting): Civil
  • Engineers (Consulting): Environmental
  • Engineers (Consulting): Geochemical
  • Engineers (Consulting): Geological
  • Engineers (Consulting): Geophysical
  • Engineers (Consulting): Geotechnical
  • Engineers (Consulting): Hydrogeotechnical
  • Engineers (Consulting): Management
  • Engineers (Consulting): Mining
  • Engineers (Consulting): Rock Mechanics
  • Engineers (Consulting): Slurry Transport Systems
  • Engineers (Consulting): Soil Testing
  • Engineers (Consulting): Water Treatment
  • Exploration: Consultants
  • Fans: Mine Ventilation
  • Groundwater
  • Mineral Economists
  • Pollution Control: Chemicals
  • Pollution Control: Effluent
  • Reclamation: Consultants
  • Reclamation: Tailings & Waste Rock
  • Soil Stabilization
  • Ventilation: Automation
  • Ventilation: Consultants
  • Ventilation: Control Systems
  • Ventilation: Modelling
  • Water & Waste Water Analysis: Consultants
  • Water: Consultants (Analysis & Treatment)
  • Water: Treatment Plants