Buyers' Guide - Company Profile

Maestro Digital Mine

  • 87 Magill St
  • Sudbury ON P3Y 1K6
87 Magill St, Sudbury ON P3Y 1K6
(705) 805-6918
Maestro Digital Mine manufacturers Industrial Internet of Things (IIoT) measurement and control instrumentation for the optimization of underground mine ventilation and underground digital networks for the last mile of communication. Maestro designs, manufactures and serves the underground mine automation, IT and ventilation sector. Our products deliver productivity improvements and energy savings while meeting the highest health and safety standards. We are driven to provide network communication and ventilation solutions to improve the underground work environment and extend miners lives while still providing the mining companies data and solutions to increase production, conserve energy and reduce greenhouse gases.

More Information

  • Communications: Call or Signal
  • Communications: Ear Microphone
  • Communications: Headsets
  • Communications: Intercom
  • Communications: Pagers
  • Communications: Radio
  • Communications: Satellite
  • Communications: Telephone
  • Communications: Underground
  • Communications: Video
  • Communications: Voip & Wi-Fi
  • Computer Hardware: Batteries
  • Computer Hardware: Devices & Monitors
  • Computer Hardware: Digitizers
  • Computer Hardware: Networks
  • Computer Hardware: Plotters
  • Computer Hardware: Printers
  • Computer Hardware: Security Cables & Locks
  • Data Acquisition Systems
  • Data Systems Integration: Collection
  • Data Systems Integration: Data Monitoring & Sensing
  • Data Systems Integration: Database Development
  • Data Systems Integration: Processing
  • Data Systems Integration: Storage
  • Data Systems Integration: Visualization
  • Detectors: Gas (Toxic or Flammable)
  • Environmental: Monitors
  • Fans: Building
  • Fans: Fume Extraction (Portable)
  • Fans: Fume Extraction (Stationary)
  • Fans: Mine Ventilation
  • Gas Detectors
  • Health (Workplace): Consultants
  • Health (Workplace): Control Systems
  • Health (Workplace): Drug & Alcohol Testing
  • Health (Workplace): Monitors
  • Health (Workplace): Testing Services
  • Instruments: Air Quality Monitoring
  • Meters: Air Flow
  • Monitoring Devices: Environment
  • Radio Transmitters & Receivers
  • Remote Sensing
  • Signs: Safety
  • Ventilation: Control Systems
  • Ventilation: Doors
  • Ventilation: Mine Fans