Help Topics

Selecting Items for Your Reminders
Check the box at the right hand side of the listing for each item you would like save on your list. Then Click on the 'Save My Checked Events' button below. [Topics]

Send Reminders to Friends
Separate each email address by a semi-colon (;) e.g.; . This list can be up to 200 characters long. Once you entered the email addresses click the 'Save' button. [Topics]

Setting Reminder Times
Under 'Remind Me Prior to Event', select the number of days before the event you'd like to be reminded and click the
'Update Reminders' button when finished. [Topics]

Deleting Reminders
Click on the 'Delete' link next to the reminder. The page will prompt you to confirm your choice, then click 'OK'.
If you delete a reminder by accident you can find it on the event list again
and follow the procedure for selecting reminders. [Topics]

Why do I get notified of New Events being Posted?
Every week you are sent an email informing you of new events posted on our website for that week.
This email is separate from your Reminder Emails on events that you specifically chose to be reminded of.
If you do not wish to receive this notification you can click on the 'Notification' tab menu option while logged in to your reminders and turn this feature off/on.
There is also a link near the bottom of each email to 'opt out'.
Look for 'If you do not wish to be notified when new events are posted click here'. [Topics]